Optimum Chivins was established in 2008 with a registration number RC – 1627657 to provide complete environmental management services and services in other fields such as procurement/supply and general contract.

Since its inception, the company has grown from a relatively unknown entity to a familiar brand providing optimal environment services. In the last two years, the company served nearly two hundred (2000) municipal, commercial, industrial and residential customers through a network of collective operations.

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At Optimum Chiivins, we endeavour to provide our clients with a waste management plan that not only keeps the immediate environment clean healthy, but also promotes a sustainable future. 

We provide complete waste management solution from receptacle to recycle garbage bags. We deploy the most economical waste disposal mechanism that delivers quality and satisfaction.


  • Disposal of Domestic and general waste
  • Waste Collection and disposal
  • Street Sweeping and Evacuation
  • De-silting of Drainage Creeks
  • Treatment and Disposal of Sewage and Associated Sludge
  • Fumigation
  • Landfill


We believe that success requires the highest standards of co-operating behaviour towards our employees, customers and society.

To achieve these objectives, we depend on our resources, planning, social responsibilities, environment, staffing policy, business ethnics and H.S.E policy.

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